Determination of Irrigated Field Units in North Al-Jazeera Irrigation Project Using Remote Sensing Data

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Khansa A. Ahmed


This paper presents the role of digital image processing (DIP) for the investigation of
effectively and actually irrigated areas through the signature of vegetative growth; The
techniques of digital image processing for remotely sensed images including subsetting,
enhancement, stacking, and vegetation index calculation determining the real irrigated areas in
NorthAl-jazeera irrigation project. Landsat ETM+ (Enhanced Thematic Mapper) images were
obtained, which captured in 7/4/1999, 3/6/2000, 13/6/2001 and 19/4/2002. ERDAS IMAGINE
9.1 software was used for the purposes of digital image processing and for Normalized
Difference Vegetation Index calculation (NDVI).The study showed the planted and not planted
field units and the level of vegetative growth from NDVI values.

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